Building Permits

The Town of Waterville has contracted with Fred Weber of Weber Inspections for all building permits. If you are planning a remodeling or new construction, contact Weber Inspections at:

2921 Ingalls Rd

Menomonie, WI 54751

Phone: 715-556-0066

Fax: 715-231-2447



Other Land Management/Zoning Permits

The Pepin County Land Management/Zoning Department handles sanitary permits, along with highway setbacks, floodplain zoning, etc. If you are planning any development activity, contact their office to find out if any regulations are applicable to your property. The Pepin County Land Management/Zoning Department can be reached at:

740 7th Ave W

Durand, WI 54736

Phone: 715-672-8897

Fax: 715-672-8677

Burning Permits

Burning permits can be issued by the Waterville Town Chairman or Supervisors.

Dennis Milliren, 715-285-5379

Evan Mercer, 715-285-5534

Matt Sam,  715-495-8395

Burning Permit Application

Burning Permit.pdf Burning Permit.pdf
Size : 89.652 Kb
Type : pdf

Information on Burning

Burning Information.pdf Burning Information.pdf
Size : 121.382 Kb
Type : pdf