Upcoming Elections:

No February Primary 

Spring Election:  April 2, 2024

Partisan Primary:  August 13, 2024

General Election:  November 5, 2024

Polling Place:

Community of Christ Church

N6378 County Road D

Arkansaw, WI 54721

Hours: 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Municipal Clerk:

Diane Hoyt

N6272 Kite Hill Ln

Arkansaw, WI 54721



Register to Vote:

If you are not registered to vote, please bring a Wisconsin Drivers License or ID and proof of residency if the address on your drivers license is not current.  Proof of residency includes a utility bill or bank statement that has your name on it.

Voter registration can be done anytime before voting.  Visit My Vote to register to vote or request an absentee ballot.  Or contact the Town Clerk for more information.  You can also register to vote at the polls on election day. 

Residency requirements have recently changed in Wisconsin.  It is now a requirement that you have resided in the Town of Waterville for 28 days to vote here. 

Photo ID is required to cast a vote.  This includes absentee ballots.  If voting absentee in-person please bring a photo ID along.  If voting by mail please send a copy of your photo ID with the application.

The first day to vote absentee

Fillable Wisconsin Registration Application:

Absentee Voting:

The first day to vote absentee is two weeks before the election date.  The last day for voting absentee in person is the Sunday before the election, please contact the Clerk to set up a day and time.  The Thursday before the election is the deadline to request an absentee by mail.

Ballots can no longer be emailed for faxed for regular absentee voters.

Absentee Ballots must be delivered to the Clerk by mail or the voter.  Absentee ballots dropped off on election day to the polling place must be delivered by the voter.

*You can apply online at:     https://myvote.wi

Application form for Absentee Ballot

Election Wards:

The Town of Waterville is comprised of two wards. Ward 1 is part of Pepin County District 8 and Ward 2 is part of Pepin County District 9. Tom Milliren is the Pepin County Board Supervisor representing District 8 and John C. Andrews represents District 9.